Surprise, surprise…

Photo: Finger paint hand-prints at playgroup today. What a crazy morning, but so satisfying…


I’m writing this with such a heavy heart as I watch coverage of yet another mass shooting, and in the city that I love… What is it going to take for us to decide, as a nation, that this is not longer acceptable? Why is it ok that mass shootings have suddenly become almost par for the course?

But I have no control over that… so let’s go one with what I was going to write today…

It was the middle of an exceptionally busy Saturday when I got the email from my Realtor: “The P&S has been signed! Review document attached!”

Negotiations are over. The selling family has signed. They have to get started on working on the septic system. They have a month to get it totally replaced. We need to get to work on getting a mortgage (or, bamboozling someone into giving us a mortgage) and finding a contractor to do the work on our house (because of the type of mortgage we are getting, we must get bids from contractors before we get the actual mortgage. It’s a long story, but basically, we’re taking out a mortgage on the price of the house, plus extra, and that extra will go to the contractor who does the work).

Soooooooooooooo my banker was on Nantucket for the weekend at a wedding, so he couldn’t do the mortgage part until this morning. Fine, fine…

We started trolling Angie’s List and getting with friends to see if we could find a Contractor who might want to bid for our money in the meantime.

Simple, right?

“Oh, you’re doing 203k? I don’t really know if I want to deal with the paperwork. And besides, you have to put up the labor and materials and then have to wait for the money. I don’t think I’m interested in that.”

That was from one of 10 Contractors that we’ve contacted this weekend. The one out of 10 who at least had the courtesy to reply to our inquires. The other 9? Well, I’m assuming that they have similar objections, but can’t be bothered to say.

No reason to despair, right? We’re two smart people. We can figure this out. Why are we groping around in the dark to begin with? Let’s go back to the bank and get a list of their preferred/recommended/recently used vendors. Clearly, if they offer the package, people must utilize it. If people utilize it, there must be a list of who they used.

Right? RIGHT!!????

So the banker, back from a great time on a great island (seriously, Nantucket is one of my favorite places), got back to us.

With one name.

Well, two.

Two names. One that is probably exorbitantly expensive (their website is gorgeous, and they seem to be the house of a real legit designer), and the other seems like yet another small potatoes contractor. I’ve left messages with them both. Let’s cross our fingers that someone gets back to me. We’ve got to get this done as soon as possible because I can’t get the mortgage until I get the bid. I can’t go to closing without the mortgage.

….So this is my life….

In good news, we had our first session of playgroup today and it went swimmingly. 15 children just running around, making a mess, and having a lot of fun. I got a freaking sweet parking space right in front of the building where we play (you know that I’m not going to get that next time), and all of the parents/caregivers were enthusiastic. We’ve even got a dad joining us this year! I feel like I spent the entirety of my weekend getting ready for 2 hours of my day today, but it was totally worth it, because everyone had a great time.

of course, that drained all of my energy, and I have so much to do today. Unfortunately, (very unfortunately), the boys don’t seem interested in taking a nap today, so I just don’t know how much of it is going to get done. This is our first “full schedule” week, so I have to get used to the new schedule and figure out how many hours I’m going to gain or lose from playgroup and preschool. I hope this isn’t a sign that Monday afternoons are going to be screwed.

Because as I’ve written before, the boys are jive little punks when they don’t nap.

So I guess this is going to be a short post (a miracle!) because I hear Ursa Minor revving up. I might as well scrub the bathroom seeing as they aren’t going to nap anyway…

Ursa Major’s first day of school is tomorrow. I can’t wait to post about it on Wednesday. I keep telling myself that I’m not going to cry–I was able to get through orientation tear free, so I’m hoping that I can pull this off.

In the meantime, I hope that you are all safe and warm in your homes and communities this week. I pray for the families of the victims at the Navy Yard. I hope that we can try to get it right this time around. We just can’t let this keep happening.

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