Welcome to the Starting Line


Remember that house that I dedicated some 2,000 words to last week? Well, I’m still obsessed with it.

and so is my husband.

We thought about that house all week. We talked numbers, scenarios, what if’s….we came up with questions and conditions… we thought about money this and money that. How much investment now? How much investment later?






We decided that we can.

We think.

We hope.


So we’re going to try.

You: [Kay], aren’t you moving into a townhouse next weekend? Didn’t you just sign a lease?

Me: Uh, yeah. Yeah, we just did.

You: So, aren’t you making your life a bit complicated?

Me: You bet your sweet ass we are!


Welcome to the starting line. Welcome to the crazy. Welcome to “Two ambitious kids fall in love with a house at the worst possible time.”  There are still a lot of reasons not to buy this house. Our realtor is such a smooth freaking talker that she has been able to allay some of our fears. Not all, but some. This week and next, we’re going to figure out this train thing. Wednesday, I’m probably going to be out with the boys to take a listen. Next week, while the Husband goes out to get the keys for the new townhouse, he’s going to go out during rush hour.

If we can jump the train hurdle, I’m all in.

For The Husband, there are two hurdles: The train and the septic.

The seller’s agent indicated at the beginning of last week that the selling family would be willing to pay for the septic repair. Well, when we talked to out realtor yesterday morning, it would seem that the seller’s agent backed away from that. There are ways to finance it, but that takes us of our price range (or, keeps us at our price range, but without any money for other necessary repairs). Either way, it’s precarious. But a hopeful precarious. There are no other offers on the house, and it’s been on the market all summer. No one is going to try for that house, so no bidding war. If they really want to sell it, we may have a bit of an advantage. And I’d really like to do this before interest rates go up any further.

In the meantime, my apartment is a disaster, but not necessarily packed. I am not a person who gets overwhelmed, but I am starting to feel the pressure. There is a lot to get done. I’m going to do my best to keep blogging over these next three weeks of transition, but you should know that posts might be a little shorter and more shallow than usual as I try to get away from my computer and get stuff into boxes. The boys, too, are starting to feel the difference. The apartment does look more bare and is becoming less functional. We got rid of some of the older, bigger, and unnecessary baby toys and Ursa Major certainly noticed when they went away.

We saved the baby swing and a couple other things for infants, looking at each other and planning out loud for a third baby.

because we’re freaking fools.

and obviously gluttons for insanity.


I’ll keep you posted. I’d really like to be able to purchase this house. Renting sucks and this is such a great opportunity. Thinking about the house makes me not think about moving away from friends and into a brand new community. I’m really trying to find that optimism and “you can reinvent yourself” sort of attitude, but I haven’t found it yet. I’m a big ball of awkward. A big ball of worry. It is going to be a crazy few weeks.


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