A Summer Song


Thank you so much for indulging me in a bit of tardiness today. I could have gotten up this morning at 5 to write this post, but decided to roll over and keep sleeping (Ursa Minor started my Fourth of July at 4:30am). We had a fantastic day at the Maine Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Portland, Maine today. This is certainly a place that you should visit if you have little kids who like trains. My boys weren’t particularly interested in the stuff in the museum–I mean, they can’t really read, and there were two Thomas the Train play-sets there to distract them–but they were in awe of the real-life, genuine working narrow gauge steam engine that we got to ride. The whistle, the steam, the poor workers in their long-sleeved and long-legged uniforms… they were so freaking happy. We then hopped over to Dimillos for lunch where we had a decidedly “ok” meal. Mostly because the gentlemen got crab cakes. Marylanders who travel to other states and order crabcakes are always disappointed. I told my husband and stepfather that, but they didn’t listen! And when they were disappointed, I snickered in their general direction. I had a lovely “fiery calamari burger” which was stacked high with crispy calamari and had a fantastic Siracha aoli on it. Nice and spicy and perfect. The best part about Dimillos, though, it absolutely the fact that they had little teddy grahams waiting for each of the boys, along with a cup full of crayons for each kid and a placemat for drawing on. Someone over there gets it, and we had two occupied babies while we were waiting for our food.

I’m absolutely in love with Portland, Maine. It is an absolutely wonderful town. Put it on your list of places to see–and eat your way through. You can’t walk 4 steps without smacking face first into a restaurant.

And before I get off of this, if you really want a treat and you like sushi, you must get to Yosaku in Portaland. It is the best sushi we’ve had since we’ve moved to New England. This is sushi that you should drive the 2 hours from Boston to Portland to eat. Yes, it’s that flippin’ good.

Anyhoo… That’s not what I was going to write about today.

So Ursa Major is singing along with songs. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a huge deal to me. We discovered it two weekends ago when we turned on “dancing music” (Also known as the Freshbeat Band station on Pandora). Suddenly, “Teamwork” from YoGabbaGabba comes on, and my eldest son is dancing along and singing along–practically for the whole song. There are some songs that he doesn’t sing along with (Disney and other random songs) while there are songs that he will just totally belt out, like Teamwork or “Ready to Roll” or “Spin Around” by the Freshbeat Band. While these songs drive me crazy and I can’t take more than about 30 minutes of “dancing music,” suddenly I have a new incentive to put it on. I absolutely love hearing him sing. He really isn’t that bad. I’m not going to tell you that he’s the next John Legend or anything, but I’m saying that it doesn’t sound like nails on a chalkboard either. It’s just kind of adorable. A great summer song.  It is also absolutely hilarious listening to him sing along to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song. His interpretation goes something along the line of “nananananana TRAIN/ nananana TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN/ nanana Gordon is a train/ nananana Thomas train.” Of course, it actually goes “They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight/shunting trucks and hauling freight/red and green and brown and blue/they’re the really useful crew.” Also music I hate listening to, but I giggle when he’s singing it.

I love singing. I’m that chick who is behind you in the car singing like I’m in a music video, because clearly no one is listening. My husband, God bless him, is always like “you’re really not that bad.” To which I flip my hair and bat my eyes and am like “I mean, my Father and his Father before him were singers…so, naturally I’m good….obviously…” (No, I don’t actually do this.)

I think that the best part about Ursa Major singing is the fact that he has favorite songs. Two year-olds have preferences, but favorite songs? That’s awesome. There are just songs that light him up, and when we’re in the car and they come on, he just starts bouncing and singing. How cool is that? What are the songs that get you belting in the car? Two of my top three come  from The Killers: Human, All These Things that I have Done. Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson will get me singing every freaking time. I mean, there are so many more, but those three get me going. I’m excited to see what songs in the future make Ursa Major sing… maybe we’ll share a few favorites along the way. 🙂

For even more fun, Ursa Major has memorized portions of his favorite books. He’s “reading” along with me…not looking at the words, but just saying parts of the book at the same time as I’m reading them. I’m having so much fun. Just another step toward “read ready.” Progress happens in fits and starts, but when it comes, it’s awesome.

This is also a reminder that they’re always listening. Note to self: Gotta stop cursing…

I also have a general announcement and request: I have a lot going on in August and September, including a move and a much needed vacation. I love blogging and I want to keep up my blogging schedule during these two important times. I considered just writing a few generic posts, putting in the can, and scheduling them to pop on my normal blogging days.

But then I was thinking–I’ve got this cool community going on, and I’d rather invite some folks to step in and do some guest posting. Wouldn’t that be interesting? I’d be honored if a few folk would consider writing a guest post for my blog. I’ll make sure to give you lots of credit and plenty of links so that people know where to find you on your blog when I’m back from vacation! I’m not getting a million views a day or anything, but traffic has certainly picked up since I was chosen for Freshly Pressed a few weeks ago. I’m getting a steady number of regular views every day, and especially on post days. I’m not saying you’ll be a rock star (because I’m certainly not), but you might make some new friends along the way.

So how about it? Wanna help me have a smooth move and a fantastic vacation? Consider writing a guest post for my blog!


Write about one of the following topics: Motherhood/Fatherhood/Parenthood, Diversity, In-law problems/love, interracial couple/family/living, love, raising boys, raising multi-racial children, or striving to live an integrated/diverse life. Your post can be about successes or failures, questions or revelations, whatever is your fancy. I just want to know what some of you guys think about the topics that I’m generally writing about.

Please email me if you are considering posting and what day you would like. I’m looking to fill in 8 posts.  I’ll share more details and answer questions via email. My email address is       wise(dot)kay(dot)c(at)gmail(dot)com

My posts average in the 1000 to 1200 word range, just so you know.

And if no one wants to, I’ll just write a few random posts and you’ll just have to forgive me for being random. 🙂

I hope that you all had spectacular Fridays. I surely did.

Fun follow-up questions: 

If you could describe yourself in terms of a musical instrument, what would it be? (Cello)

What are the top 3 songs that you seriously just rock out to in the car (Or in some other place where no one is looking/listening)?

I’m so looking forward to reading these answers!

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