An Opportunity to Try Again



We’ve been trying to buy a house since February. We figured out that we’re practically paying a mortgage to live in our apartment ($2500 smackers a month!! Crazytown!!) and we have just enough savings that we can make a downpayment on a starter home. We started our search in the beginning of March, and understood that we’re trying to move into some of the most expensive towns in the state. They have the best school systems. We’re not compromising on the quality of the schools we send our sons to.

We found a house that was a fixer-upper and also a short sale. While we were apprehensive about the work involved, we were also excited about it. The house had a lot of potential, and it was also an opportunity for us to get our hands dirty and be creative. We put in an offer, which was accepted by the seller, but we had to wait on their bank, too. We sat around for 6 weeks, waiting and waiting and waiting.

Then, last Friday, we got an e-mail: “I just talked with [the broker]. The seller is going to bankruptcy court. The hearing isn’t until November. No sale can happen until after the hearing. Let’s try again.”

That was my Friday afternoon. Just staring at that e-mail with my mouth open like a buffoon.

So I’m back where I started from, but this time we’re at the end of the spring market and the inventory is just as small as ever. We have to move: Ursa Major’s preschool starts in the call and it’s in the town where we were planning on moving to (and the commute from where we currently live to that school would be ridiculous). We also pay too damned much in rent. We must move. So now we’re talking about uprooting these babies twice. And spending a bunch of money to do so.

Needless to day, it has been a frustrating few days. First, to feel deflated: All of the dreams that we were dreaming for that house. So many plans that we were putting on hold. Wrapping our head around packing this apartment and doing it in a way where we can live somewhere temporarily…but how temporarily, we just don’t know. And to know that we’re going to have to move somewhere and potentially break a lease? Oy yoy yoy….

Everyone we’ve told about this has been so broken up about the news. I appreciate their sympathies, but I didn’t shed a tear over it. I think that this is an opportunity to find the right house. I wasn’t totally convinced that the house that we just lost was really the house that we wanted/needed. Indeed, I think that someone was watching over us, and was like “no, wait, you aren’t really going to do that, are you?” “I’m giving you an opportunity to change your mind. Please do it?” “[Sighing] fine. I guess I’ll just go ahead and save you from yourselves.”

I’m hoping, though, that whoever was looking out for us also has a fantastic alternative that is going to emerge soon. Or, maybe, a magical boatload of money that is going to somehow legally make it into my bank account. 🙂

The Fates have chosen to challenge me, and I accept their challenge. I will do better. I must do better because I have two beautiful sons who demand no less of me and my husband. We will move, we will flourish, and we will purchase a home for us. Because there are simply no other options.

I hope that whatever challenges are presented to you this week yield opportunities to do and be better. Hopefully I’ll have good news of some kind to report on Friday.


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  1. Domica says:

    The Crisis of the Casa is what my husband and I called it when we went through the same thing a few months back. Presently we still reside in the same place that we were trying to get away from! And we had to sign another lease! Ummm, huge bummer (especially for the kids). We convinced our landlady to hook us up with a six month lease given the fact that we are still looking… maybe you can get the same hook up.

    You won’t compromise your real desires for your family by getting impatient, I can see that. That’s a hard, long road, but it’s worth every inch you’ve traveled (in the end, not exactly when you are reading another disappointing email, right?).

    Happy hunting!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      I’m sorry that you are going through this too!!! That sucks! I wish that we could stay in our current place, but like I said, the rent is too damned high! We gotta go. Thanks for the encouragement, though. How is your own search going now?

      1. Domica says:

        We gave up. Not permanently, but at least until the end of the school year. It’s stressful! I truly underestimated how much a search can take over your life. By the amount you pay I’m assuming you live in the Boston area. I live in Western Mass, where the rent is stupid high as well, but not that bad. We’re just gonna hold onto this place until something come through. Our issue is land. We have six children so we really have to think about a property with enough space to accommodate our huge family and has land… Since we don’t want to pay a half a million dollars for that, we have to just wait. Wait. Wait. Search, and wait. Ugh.

        1. K.C. Wise says:

          I’m really sorry that your situation is so frustrating–yes, we live in the Boston area. Just north of the city, but still within range of the T, which is why the rent is so stupidly high. We didn’t realize how foolish we’ve been until we sat and really thought about the numbers. It was like “Jesus, we’re really stupid” so then we started looking for a house. Land IS important AND expensive. I hope that you guys find a place that works for you!! It is a blessing and a curse to live in a state that never really had a housing bubble..

  2. We’ve been looking for months, and finally found one. The inspection is tomorrow, and I”m just waiting for me to tell me there is a termite infestation, or mold in the basement! But, I’m hoping not, because I don’t want to start looking at houses again!!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      Best of luck! I hope everything is ship-shape so that you can have a smoother process than I am!!

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