Holdin’ it down and begging for Spring…

This is just one of those weeks. I can’t believe that it’s Friday. I really didn’t think that we were going to make it here. And seeing as I’m going to be up bright and early tomorrow to look at a few more houses, today isn’t as exciting as it could be.

Between DIY Network and Pinterest, I’ve been distracted all week–looking at embroidery patterns, curtain design, how to put up drywall, and the best times/plants for gardening… I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming.

But there is work to be done, and I have two little boys with the ya-yahs who I am having a hard time entertaining with this (still) cold weather (It was 7 flippin’ degrees this morning. It’s 29 flippin’ degrees right now with a windchill in the TEENS. Come on, man).

So we discovered this week that the complex re-opened the crappy playroom that we parents had complained about a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, they took into account none of the requests that we made, save adding an extra mat and rug, 2 bean bag chairs, and moving the furniture in a way that made it more centralized (around the rugs). I went to go check it out just because I wanted to give it a chance, but upon getting there, I knew it wasn’t going to work. The boys were so grateful to be in a larger room that they immediately found some toys and got to playing. Augh. So I let them crawl around that dirty concrete floor and touch the germ infested toys. The other moms, and nannies, who were there were also trying to decide if they liked the room or hated it. I know one of the nannies, so I sat next to her and watched the boys with concern.

Of course, one of the other moms, who I had never seen before, after saying a shy hello to me asks, “so are you a mom or a nanny?”

“Mom.” I say, as calmly as I can.

“Oh.” She says.

So, that was awesome.

After turning over to the idea that the boys are just going to get dirty, I decided to go ahead and have some fun. Choosing a corner of the room, I started kicking a ball with Ursa Major (on the concrete part of the room). I’m sure you can guess what happens next: Another 3 year old walks up behind me, I trip over him and he goes crashing into the floor, bumping his head. Awful!!! Of course, I feel absolutely terrible. TERRIBLE. The boy was ok, but I still feel bad about it. As soon as I could without making a fool of myself, I packed up the boys and got out of there. We won’t be going there again. I feel ba about keeping the boys cooped up in this little apartment, but I can’t let them get hurt either (or have them or me hurt other children, potentially).

So, that was awesome, too.

And then there is playgroup. I run a great co-op playgroup at one of the colleges here, and it has been a lot of fun. Unfortunately, co-op groups mean that parents help take on roles to make the group run smoothly. This only works if there are enough parents to take up the various duties and no one feels like they are carrying too much of the load (except for the facilitator… that would be me). This is my second semester running the group. The first semester? Perfect. Blissful. Work, but fun.

and of course, my toddler has decided to not take a nap today. I can hear him through the wall, making a lot of noise. I suspect that he’s woken up Ursa Minor, too, which is…greatWhen, oh when, will Spring get here? I ask you?

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  1. Ugh. That sucks about the playroom. Could be a lot of potential there! But, oh well, right? So, who asks are you the nanny? Lame. Hope it warms up for you soon!

    1. K.C. Wise says:

      It was one of those things where it felt a bit innocent: There are a lot of women who are nannies in the complex, and they generally all gather at one place at one time. I get that I look different from my children…so I didn’t bite her head off. I wasn’t WARM when I answer, but I wasn’t mean either. She seemed embarassed enough. It’s a rude question, in general, but in the context I understand why she felt comfortable enough to ask. Unfortunately, I didn’t make a friend, either. I can totally relate to your “Mommy Pack” post. I’m really hoping that preschool with allot me some other mom friends. I feel like I don’t have any, and these “random” meetings with other moms never yields anything helpful or lasting. Hopefully having a house and seeing people regularly will help! It’s not warm where YOU are either, right? What’s up with Winter??

      1. Well, actually, the high got up to 72 yesterday..but that is SUPER WEIRD AND RARE for this time of year. I’m sure it will be snowing or something ridiculous next week. 🙂

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