Um, eww…


So I write that one little post yesterday about happenings…and all of a sudden I get a few extra hits last night via search engines. I won’t even TELL you what the search terms were, but let’s just saw they weren’t what this blog is about.

Soooooo….some people looking for something very specific on their internets last night hit the link to my blog and were probably very disappointed.

So from now on, if I should ever choose to blog about that anymore…it will be under the code word “happenings.” Because I don’t think that Yahoo would associate “happenings” with happenings.


The perils of blogging!!!!! That’s what I get.

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  1. amberperea says:

    I get some pretty funny ones-though nothing that awesome. I actually got a hit from “I feel unappreciated in my marriage”. Huh?

    Oh google…

  2. those search engine results freak me out a little bit. Now I know why. 🙂

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